Napolitano “pondering stepping down” as top aide is put on leave due to allegations of lewd behavior

Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano’s embattled high-ranking immigration aide took a leave of absence following salacious new claims about the agency’s alleged sexually hostile environment toward men, while Napolitano herself indicated she is pondering stepping down.

Suzanne Barr, who has close Arizona ties to Napolitano, took a “voluntary leave,” according to Brian Hale, spokesman for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Barr’s leave, which began Tuesday, comes as two more male accusers claimed they personally witnessed Barr engage in lewd and hostile behavior with subordinates.

In a sworn affidavit obtained by The Post but with the accuser’s name redacted, an ICE employee described as an assistant attaché says at a party at the deputy chief of mission’s house in Colombia in 2009, “He said she got too close for comfort.Suzanne Barr approached me and offered to give me a b— job.”

ICE travel records obtained by The Post confirm Barr traveled to Colombia along with ICE director John Morton between Sept. 20 and Sept. 23, 2009, to meet with Colombian officials and ICE staffers.

An affidavit by another ICE employee states that just before Halloween in 2009, at a gathering in the ICE director’s office, Barr turned to another ICE employee and called him a “sexy mothaf–ker!” Barr also allegedly “looked at his crotch and asked, ‘How long is it anyway?’” prompting other employees to laugh nervously, according to the statement.

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  • brabbie2002

    That odumbass knows how to pick’em, don’t he? Sounds like everyone he picked is either a tax evader, a sexual miscreant, or a mobster…They are ALL liars!

  • RescueKyron

    Use legal procedures and put them both in Federal Pen. There must be clear and fast action on these situations. We don’t have time for more trash in our government. We need STATESMEN, we need AMERICANS. Ron Paul is looking better and better the more Romney and Ryan speak in Town Hall and other meetings. Joe Miller MUST be elected as US Senator from Alaska. Americans MUST focus on all politicians and know who to hire and who to fire in OUR Voting Booths.

  • reggiec

    I wonder if “Big Sis” is upset because Barr strayed off the reservation and went after men instead of other females?

  • CSN

    Napolitano should have been dumped ages ago!

  • marineh2ominer

    Her departure from our government would indeed be a blessing from our LORD .

  • GramSam

    Another reason to vote BO out and they can take Holder, Geithner, Sebilus, Jarrett, too many to name with him.

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  • A Proud American

    Is Suzanne Barr related to Rosanne Barr?

  • A Proud American

    We have a den of lesbians running Homeland Security, so what would anyone expect from this group of perverts? Just another reason to vote this regime out of office in November. Go Romney.