Cruz Announces Early Opposition to Obama’s Blame-America-First UN Nominee; McCain Announces Support for Obama Pick

Photo Credit: AP

President Obama’s nominee to replace Susan Rice as the next U.N. ambassador is running into early opposition from conservative Jewish groups and at least one Republican senator, as she prepares for what could be a tough confirmation.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, shortly after Obama nominated Samantha Power, called the selection “deeply troubling.”

Never shy about his views, Cruz bluntly questioned a series of statements Power has made, including a 2003 essay in which she called for the U.S. to institute a “doctrine of the mea culpa” to enhance credibility.

“No nation has spilled more blood or sacrificed more for the freedom of others than ours, and yet Ms. Power has publicly embraces the need for America to continue apologizing to the world for perceived transgressions, going so far as to explicitly urge ‘instituting a doctrine of the mea culpa’,” Cruz said in a written statement.

It’s unclear whether other conservatives will join Cruz or mount a sizeable opposition. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., already has said he would support Power, while other influential lawmakers have not yet offered an opinion on her credentials.

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  • TM

    What happened to John McCain. I used to respect him. Now he might as well become a democrat. Did he lose his balls or is he just selling out republicans?

    • KayDeeBeau

      Well since we know that the O admin has huge databases of info on all Americans ….hmmmmm I wonder what could possibly be found there that could be used against certain people??

  • amiciLatinae

    Is McCain a bigot? If Sen. Cruz likes it, he hates it.

  • doug43

    I’m not at all concerned with the new face to the UN, the UN means nothing to me now or ever!

    But I can not for the life of me figure out why Congress didn’t close the doors on Suzy Rice…the one that began the cover-up on Benghazi, followed by Obama, followed by “What Does It Matter Now that 4 Americans are dead that no one would answer their CRIES for HELP (SOS)” Clinton, and of course Obama’s selected Mouth Piece….”Benghazi happens such a long time ago”…that mouth piece!

    But this is how Obama works, he starts a fire over here and while your watching someone putting it out or at best looking at it from another side…he takes action in doing his criminal action “At So Many Levels”.

    As for McCann, what can I say he has been up there in Washington for 26 years, and we should have know where he was at during his lose in running against Obama the first time!! Losers love a winner…even if that winner is someone that won through ACORN type operations!

    • ConsGram

      You should be very concerned about the UN, because a lot of what happens in the US are programs they are pushing. Also Powers is married to Cass Sustein the Regulation Czar. He and Powers are as left and radical as they come. Get informed. In fact I think the UN had something to do with Susan Rice’s talking points. A great book on the UN is THE FEARFUL MASTER, by G. Edward Griffin.