Rep. West: Obama is ‘Sad,’ ‘Pathetic,’ ‘Fear-Mongering’ on Debt Ceiling

Rep. Allen West calls President Barack Obama’s actions on the debt ceiling debate “sad”, “pathetic” and “fear-mongering”.

In an interview with, West was asked about his recent comments that the president was fear-mongering when using the issue of Social Security payments in the debt ceiling debate.

“To come out and just say, we’re not going to – I don’t think we’re going to be able pay seniors, I don’t think were going to be able to pay veterans that’s not leadership. That’s why I said it was sad, it was pathetic, it’s fear-mongering and it’s trying to turn people against other folks who are trying to come up with viable solutions. That’s not what I think a president should be doing,” West said.

West claims the president needs to decide how to best prioritize the programs that he wants to see funded in the country, “I think the thing that the president needs to do, is sit down and say. With the revenues that we have coming in, with the revenues that we have existing in the Social Security trust fund right now. You know, what are we going to prioritize as far as spending here in the United States of America.”

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