Penny Starr at CNSNews.com pointed out this morning that House Republicans may have broken one of their most vocal promises from their 2010 campaign Pledge to America pitch when voting for Budget Control Act yesterday. The debt-limit bill, which is expected to save the U.S. from default for the first time in it’s history, was passed in the House yesterday with GOP support despite not being posted with the text online “for at least three days” before the vote.

“Explaining the Republicans’ vision in a response to President Obama’s radio address on Oct. 30, 2010—just before the election—Rep. John Boehner explained that ‘Americans should have three days to read all bills before Congress votes on them.

‘The American people are in charge of this country, and they deserve a Congress that acts like it,’ said Boehner. ‘Americans should have three days to read all bills before Congress votes on them–something they didn‘t get when the ’stimulus’ was rushed into law. We should put an end to so-called ‘comprehensive’ bills that make it easy to hide wasteful spending projects and job-killing policies. Bills should be written by legislators in committee in plain public view–not written in the Speaker’s office, behind closed doors.’”

Starr finds that the summary of how the Republican Congress has fulfilled the Pledge on the House Republican Conference’s Web site, reads on the section regarding the three-day rule: “A Three Day Waiting Period on all Non-Emergency Legislation.” The words “non-emergency” or “emergency” do not appear anywhere in the text of the original Pledge for America as published by the House Republicans.

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