The ABC’s of being Joe Miller’s Wife

Many people regularly ask how I handle the media, family dynamics, politics, as well as work, travel and being on the Alaska Judicial Council.  So, I decided I would start to pen a few articles on these different areas starting with perhaps the most difficult, yet inspiring . . . drum roll please . . . being Joe Miller’s wife!  Since we do wake up beside each other on more days than not, I will tackle this with some humor and easy to understand points:


The ABC’s of being Joe Miller’s Wife

A  Always remember to admire him

B  Be cheerful more days than not

C  Communicate- this is very important!

D  Do remember that I appreciate his reasons for doing what he does even though it may not seem sane at times

E  Enjoy the simple things in life because when he does the thing he does that may be all we have

F  Focus yes, FOCUS, on his good qualities

G  Give and forgive a lot!

H  Hope he remembers to thank everyone for coming, to pay attention to the little things, and HOLD NO GRUDGES!

I    Invite his crazy ideas into the conversation of what I would like to get done around the house and watch that turn into what he would like to get done around the nation

J  Join in his endeavors and enthusiasms

K  Keep my mouth shut about something stupid he did until we are out of earshot of others

L  Love him and try to listen when he’s speaking

M Magnify the good in him because sometimes I may be the only one who did that day

N  Never forget his heart and intentions in everything he does-yes they are not just a benefit to others, but also to myself and our family

O  Oust the negative as often as possible

P  Pray for him

Q  Quickly point out what I think and then let him ponder and bring about a discussion

R  Remember that behind every great man there is an even better woman so I need to encourage him

S  Speak highly of him

T  Treat him as a King because I will be treated as his Queen

U  Unconditionally love him

V  Value his desires, insights and strong demeanor

W  Welcome him with open arms when he’s had a rough day or Welcome his ambition and fight for truth and liberty

X  X-ercise my voice but try my best to keep all of the above because then I can be a happy, productive wife and mother. So,

Y  Y’all now know a few of my secrets and I think they sure help because as you can

Z  Zee for yourself, we make a pretty good team!


Until next time – Be Blessed!



Photo credit: Joe Miller, All Rights Reserved