Seeds of Dissent & Discord: A Response to Keyes

Photo credit: WEBN-TV

Alan Keyes’ August 25th article entitled “Is Romney to Lead Conservatives to Self-Extinction?” is poorly timed, ill-advised, and definitely not what America needs at this time.

As far as I can remember, I have voted in every election since 1968. I have never had the opportunity to vote for a perfect candidate. Nor have I ever seen or heard of a perfect candidate. (Perfectionists who demand the perfect candidate are, as far as I can tell, about 2000 years too late.) Candidates do not run for Sainthood, they run for public office – human public office. We do not get to vote for perfection, we only get to vote for the least number of warts. And if we are smart, once we have made our selection, we get behind that person 100%; that is, if we expect our candidate to have any hope of winning.

That’s why I was shocked by Mr. Keyes’ article. If it had been written months ago when there were still several Republican candidates in the race, it would have been helpful and appropriate. But publishing it now only serves to divide and disorient both the conservative base and many independents, potentially causing many to stay away from the polls on election day.

Is this Mr. Keyes’ intent? Probably not, but intentions count for little, including the intent given by those who choose to pass along this article because it represents a minority, but significant view among conservatives. So what? Those who do hold that view are, again, those “perfectionists” who are never and will never be satisfied by any candidate; the ones who always see the glass half empty; the naysayers whose talent is always to find even the smallest point with which they cannot agree. Their condition is regrettable, but they are better left alone, not handed articles like this that only serves to provide more fodder for their doubts.

Conservatives have enough enemies. There are literally thousands of liberal columnists, bloggers, pundits and so-called “neutral” media personnel who stand against us. They will do a fine job of flogging and flaying our flesh. They don’t need our help. But I’m sure they smirk behind their hands every time they see one of us sowing seeds of dissent and discord in our own ranks.

So Romney isn’t perfect. What else is new? Electing him will not solve all our problems or end our national crisis. Agreed. But if we let Obama have four more years, where will we be then? Will not our present crisis, bad as it may be, seem four years from now like the good old days?

We had better get behind Romney now and support him 100%. If we don’t . . .