The Top 25 Underreported Democrat Scandals

Harry Reid Rejects CutsThe media has covered many of these scandals, but not to the extent to which they have covered topics like Mitt Romney’s dog on vacation or the GOP presidential candidate’s tax returns:

1. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is implicated in a breaking scandal, pushing for government funding of the Chinese green energy company ENN Mojave Energy LLC, which is apparently represented by his son. Earlier, Reid was involved in a land swindle that saw him make a reported $700,000. – See Las Vegas Review-Journal, August 3, 2012 and Media Matters, October 18, 2006

2. Solyndra, the now-bankrupt solar energy company, was able to procure $535 million in government loan guarantees. This was after the Obama campaign received over a $100,000 in donations from the “green energy” company, partly bundled for the Obama campaign by major investor and oilman George Kaiser. — See WSJ, September 9, 2011

3. Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner confessed that he tweeted a bulging-underpants photo of himself to a young woman and admitted to “inappropriate” exchanges with six women before and after getting married at a press conference in New York shortly before resigning. – See Huffington Post, June 6, 2011

4. Former Governor Elliot Spitzer resigned after it was discovered he had engaged in financial transactions with prostitute Ashley Dupre. Spitzer is pictured above holding a press conference with his humiliated wife Silda Wall. Spitzer later landed a short-running show on CNN. – See NY Daily News, June 23, 2010

5. In 2008, John Edwards admitted he had cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth, with former campaign staffer Rielle Hunter during his second presidential campaign. He was later indicted June 2011 on federal campaign finance charges. – See Huffington Post, June 1, 2012

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