God and Jerusalem

In retrospect, I regret not watching a small part of day 3 of the DNC. Initially, I made the decision of completely avoiding the entire DNC, as I concluded a long time ago, that watching any event which solely consists of masses of Democrats, let alone staunch Obama supporters, can only have serious negative effects on my health. It’s not as if I needed the “balance of opinions” following the RNC to decide who I’ll be voting for in November. I don’t regret not watching the four-day clowns’ parade. But I greatly regret not watching live the 3 minute and 22 second circus portion of day 3, conducted by Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. This may have just been the single most important day of this election season.

It is no news to most Americans, regardless of their political affiliation, that Obama has been one of the most anti-Israel presidents to ever occupy the White House. Even Carter, who certainly did not harbor any lost love for the Jewish state, doesn’t rate next to Obama. The Democratic party – a long time home for the “Nation of Islam,” “Consul for American Arab Relations” (CAIR is nothing less than a forefront and a fundraising organization for Hamas and Hezbollah), as well as many other venomously anti-Semitic and anti-Israel organizations – is not trailing far behind in its love for the Jewish state.

In his first run for the presidency in 2008, Obama did not even try to hide the massive financial and moral support he received from virtually every Arab and anti-Israel organization that ever existed in the United States. That, naturally, should have been a massive warning sign to swing Independent voters as well as every Jewish voter in this country. Unfortunately, most liberal Jews turn off their brains when it comes to politics. One of the greatest phenomena of the last century, and one I surely hope to comprehend one day, is the phenomenon of being a liberal Jew. It has so many contradictions, flaws, and false pretenses that they would be comic if the consequences were not so grave.

How otherwise do you explain the likelihood of Jewish voters to support a president who repeatedly stabs their only Jewish homeland in the back? How do you explain the likelihood of Jewish voters electing a president who was a strong supporter of the Islamic world long before he ever became a president? Does anyone need a reminder of Reverend Wright? I haven’t forgotten the Cairo speech either, which was nothing more than bowing down to every Muslim in this world, and undermining American superiority over these hate-filled mongers. Naturally, he had done so literally when he later met with the Saudi king. I used to think that Carter had been the worse president in his attitude for Israel, but not even I can imagine Carter bowing down to a Muslim monarch and undermining American pride and security to such extent.

I will try and be as fair as I can by saying that I do partially understand why voters, many of whom are great American patriots, chose to elect Obama in 2008. I live in the real world, and I do acknowledge that after eight years of George Bush in office, with a couple of wars taking place in Afghanistan and Iraq, with a seriously weakened economy, with trillions of dollars in debt, and with millions out of work, many decent Americans wanted, needed and believed in real change.

I will let you in on a secret. I was one of them. But although I could have never brought myself to elect someone I considered to be a real threat to this country, once Obama was elected, I really hoped he would bring about the change we were all so hoping for.

That was four years ago. A lot has happened since then. Our national debt has over doubled to a staggering 16 trillion dollars, a debt that not even Obama’s grandchildren will be able to repay. Our unemployment rate has almost doubled as well, and surged to the highest level since the great depression. Over 23 million people are out of work. Millions of Americans are losing their homes, and the home foreclosure rate has reached new heights. Gas prices have reached over four dollars a gallon, which consequently affects millions of products we buy daily. The size of our government had become so large, that billions of dollars are spent on programs and projects that are completely needless. We live under the largest government we have ever had in our history, and the behemoth sinks its teeth into every aspect of our lives and intrudes on both our privacy and our wallets.

On the international front, Israel, which has been America’s greatest ally for the past half a century has been degraded, humiliated and betrayed. Other traditional great allies such as the U.K. and Poland have been treated in the same fashion. Our enemies have been receiving the royal treatment, and countries that have been our worst and sworn enemies such as Iran and North Korea, have been dealt with far greater patience, cordiality and respect than some of our allies. Our own military has been receiving the cold shoulder from the Obama administration, and funding to the military has been far from what it used to be. Obama has not only hurt our economy, our pride and our standing in the world, he is also hurting our ability to defend ourselves by slashing military spending

When America is so weak and run by a spineless president, radical Islam goes wild in every corner of this world, mocking the United States and spreading terror and fear anytime and anywhere it finds fit. This is precisely the reason behind Iran’s continuance of their nuclear program, despite severe economic sanctions by the UN, the United States and Europe. Much like the rest of the Muslim world, Iran also perceives the United States and its president, as nothing more than a paper tiger.

So what does this have to do with God and Jerusalem at the DNC convention? Everything, actually. I truly believe that the two greatest countries on this planet are the United States and Israel, simply because of their historical and unique relationship with God and religion. Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people who brought God and the bible to this world. The United States was created in order to enable its people to practice their religion freely and without persecution. The special bond between the United States and Israel is unique, undeniable and unbreakable.

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