Why did the RNC “Kick the Hornet’s Nest” With Respect to the Tampa Rules Change?

Photo credit: CW2 Harting

Why did the RNC “kick the hornet’s nest” with respect to the Tampa rules change? Richard Falknor of the Blue Ridge Forum suggests that it was

because the Romney Team has already prepared plans to govern from the ‘center‘ – ‘compromising’ with the Democrats in one ‘grand bargain’ after another (as they once expected president Barack Obama to have compromised with speaker John Boehner) — and making big government ‘more efficient,’ marginally less costly, and more ‘suburban housewife friendly.’

Ineptly compromising is the way speaker Boehner now leads the House — major bills passed often have bi-partisan but not necessarily full conservative support. And Marylander Daniel Horowitz (Madison Project) here (video) further illuminates the problem in his “Boehner Calls Opponents of TARP ‘Knuckledraggers’”

Reining in the administrative state has not, moreover, been part of the GOP Establishment’s agenda. And, in our experience, they do not see ‘conviction’ conservative politicians as serious players.

Conservatives must assume that the Romney Team doesn’t go about kicking hornets’ nests for pleasure and profit. Ben Ginsberg seems to be a capable and savvy advocate, whether we agree with his clients’ objectives or not.

Our best guess is that the Romney Team anticipates conservative pushback during Mr. Romney’s first term as president. This is because the Romney Team has likely planned some initiatives that will be distasteful to conservatives. Conservatives in turn need to identify those schemes before they are launched, and effectively advance plausible alternatives.

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