Video: Iran’s Number One Target is NOT Israel – It’s the United States

This exceptional video is narrated by Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi, the daughter of a leading Iranian journalist and intellectual who was imprisoned multiple times by the religious regime and who recently committed suicide while incarcerated.

The Iranian expatriate makes a bold statement: “Iran has a plan to destroy the West and its number one target is America.” She talks about Iran’s technological advancement toward a nuclear weapon, including its efforts to develop a neutron or EMP bomb.

Ms. Bonazzi also asserts that the potential of a nuclear Iran is the single-most important economic issue facing America and the world today.

Finally, she discusses Iran’s hatred for Israel and the messianic vision of its fanatical leadership. Iran seeks to usher in a world under the control of extreme Shariah law.

The Iranian regime recognizes that there would be a significant cost to its own population in pursuing its objectives, but any such sacrifice in removing the world’s “Great Satan” would be worth it.

Ms. Bonazzi concludes, “An Iranian nuclear bomb changes everything . . . [it is] the most crucial issue in human history.”

Although Restoring Liberty does not agree with the internationalist undercurrent to her presentation, Ms. Bonazzi gets the threat right and recommends the following video: