Videos: Two Hilarious Political Comedies Featuring Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, others

After justifiably getting beat up by many of our loyal subscribers over posting the Paul Ryan “lip reading video,” we’ve taken it down.

The video that was originally posted featured a “video-shopped” Paul Ryan saying a number of sometimes humorous things. As one subscriber noted, however, it also included some profane stuff that we had not caught originally, so we took it down.

What we found interesting (and disturbing) was how it was exceptionally difficult for the average viewer to see that Ryan was not actually saying what the video creators had dubbed in. In other words, seeing isn’t necessarily believing.


We’ve left the next video up but, if you are overly sensitive about your candidate, please don’t watch it.

It’s a recent production that matches up the GOP primary candidates in a “Mortal Kombat” type mock up: