Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Abortion

photo credit: anyalogicIt’s time we conservative women speak out and speak candidly; no matter how uncomfortable it may make our constituents. I’m not pure and I’m not perfect. Possibly, women need to admit exactly how radical we have become and how easily influenced we are in our youth. From the latest fashion fads such as hair extensions to butt enhanced jeans, to push up bras and trying to appear like a photo shopped cover of a magazine, we must admit we are more easily influenced by marketing campaigns than we’d like to acknowledge.

All this pressure while obtaining advanced degrees in college at record numbers. Did a nine dollar birth control pill truly play a part in this election? It would appear the Obama campaign claimed the war against women as truth.

After seeing the numbers for Obama from women this past election, it’s time we conservative women send a message from the skeletons in our closets and explain why we stand where we do. Possibly, we can enlighten the generation of women coming up after us. It doesn’t matter whether or not they are conservative. Women are women. In both parties alike, we confront the same problems. Maybe, they can learn from our mistakes.

Roe vs. Wade changed us all, myself included, despite the fact that I became a young woman twenty some odd years after the court ruling. My body! My choice! From what I heard, men marched along side women to assure they could abort their own baby. While my opinion of the men who marched has now changed, back when I was an eighteen-year old girl, those men ruled. How enlightening! Today, I don’t feel the same. Men marched with woman against the very essence of womanhood and women embraced them.

Like many others, I did have an abortion. In fact, my so-called procedure occurred on my eighteenth birthday. I never recovered and thankfully so. As my young sons make cards and gifts for me on my birthday, I have not forgotten what I have done and I pray I never will. When I am alone, I realize I made a God-like decision to end the life of someone else. While it’s legally and socially acceptable, it went against my very essence as a woman. I was certainly was not aware of that while making my youthful decision.

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