Cruz: Conservatism ‘On the Verge of a Rebirth’

WASHINGTON — Newly minted Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on Saturday offered an optimistic picture of conservatism’s future.

“We are on the verge of a rebirth,” Cruz declared to a conservative audience at the National Review Institute Summit.

Lambasting President Barack Obama’s inauguration speech as “an ode to liberalism” and as much of a lip-sync job as Beyonce’s version of the National Anthem, Cruz — who has been pushing his idea of “opportunity conservatism” — encouraged conservative not to lose hope, despite an emboldened Obama and Democratic majority in the Senate.

“We can stop this, we can turn it around and in fact, I am right now incredibly, incredibly optimistic,” he said.

Cruz offered two paths for the movement to follow, one short-term and one long. His short-term plan, he said, is largely directed to the Republican majority in the House of Representatives — what he called “the last bastion standing between us and oblivion.”

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