Gore’s Group Says Obama EPA Pick Will Fight Global Warming (+video)

Photo Credit: dantekgeekMinutes after President Obama announced that his pick to run the EPA would be the agency’s greenhouse gas foe Gina McCarthy, former Vice President Al Gore’s climate change group heralded the pick, an indication that global warming foes are expecting her to step up the administration’s green fuel effort.

“EPA is on the frontlines of climate action. It is more important than ever that President Obama and the new EPA administrator continue to enforce laws cutting climate pollution,” said Climate Reality Project CEO Maggie Fox. “Ms. McCarthy is an ideal candidate to continue the crucial work of promoting regulatory and market-based solutions to solve the climate crisis.”

Gore is the co-founder of the project and his videos are featured on their website. The group said that it is “dedicated to unleashing a global cultural movement demanding action on the climate crisis.”

See video:

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