Family Of Former Marine Kidnapped In Mexico Speaks Out, Hopes He’s Alive

Photo Credit: TORRES FAMILYThe family of a former U.S. Marine is hoping he’s still alive despite not having heard from him since he was kidnapped in Mexico.

The whereabouts of Armando Torres, 27, who served in Iraq in 2009 as a mechanic fixing military vehicles, are still unknown. The FBI and Mexican authorities are investigating the case and a fellow Marine continues lobbying for congressional help.

Torres’ relatives told Fox News Latino in an exclusive interview that he was likely taken, along with his father and uncle, by gang members or a drug cartel. They were kidnapped in Matamoros, across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas.

The FBI is investigating Torres’s disappearance as a kidnapping and are working with local Mexican officials to find him, according to the FBI.

Armando Torres crossed the border to Mexico last week on Tuesday night to visit his father. His relatives, who spoke to Fox News Latino on condition of anonymity due to security concerns, said they were last seen being escorted out of the father’s home by armed men. Family members describe seeing a white truck outside.

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