Mark Levin: Feds Not Focused on Criminals, They’re Focused on “We the People”

Photo Credit: Daily Caller At the National Rifle Association Convention in Houston on Friday, conservative talker Mark Levin told attendees that the Bill or Rights were “under attack” from progressives in Washington, D.C.

“The forces that are gathering now in Washington and in the states to destroy our Second Amendment right are ominous,” Levin the author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” said. “They’re not focused on criminals. They’re not focused on mass murderers. They’re focused on ‘we the people.’ The fact of the matter is these are very, very perilous times. The federal government is becoming increasingly powerful. The Bill of Rights are under attack — unless you’re a mass murder or a terrorist, in which place they kick in and are strongly defended. What I’m talking about are law-biding citizens.”

“That’s who I care about, citizens who work hard, pay their taxes and want to defend their families and want to go hunting and want to have target practice. Or they have guns that sit in their closet for 30 years, and they never touch,” he said. “What do I care what they do with their weapons as long as they’re law-biding? And this is the point.”

“I hear it often said, ‘You don’t need this type of firearm,’ ‘You don’t need this amount of ammunition,’” he said. “Well, wait a minute — who gets to decide that? We get to decide that. It’s not a bill of needs — it’s a bill of rights. The Second Amendment is included. As a matter of fact, there would be no Constitution but for the Bill of Rights.”

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