If Late-Term Abortions Are Sacred Ground to Pelosi, She’s Like Kermit Gosnell (+video)

Photo Credit: Life News

No matter how frustrating things are on Capitol Hill, we can all be grateful for one thing: Nancy Pelosi is no longer in charge.

Regardless of the GOP’s flaws, the former Speaker reminded pro-lifers how much worse the leadership could be. During a press conference Thursday, the House Minority Leader picked a fight with the men on the Judiciary Committee for passing Rep. Trent Franks’s (R-Ariz.) bill onto the House floor.

First, Pelosi accused them of sexism — “All the people who voted for the bill were men,” she insisted. (Only because there are no Republican women on the committee!) Then, she took aim at the legislation, Franks’s Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, for somehow “disrespecting” the “health and safety of American women.”

That’s interesting, since studies show that late-term abortions — which this measure bans — are actually more dangerous to mothers. Complications, like uterine perforations, are much more common in late-term abortions because the baby is so much bigger. Far from “disrespecting” women, this bill protects them! Families like Jennifer Morbelli’s, who is still mourning the loss of the bright kindergarten teacher, wish a law like Franks’s had been in place when their daughter was pregnant. Jennifer died in February of complications to a late-term abortion, and her parents, who say they “wake up every day in the valley of darkness and pain,” are shattered.

John McCormack of the Weekly Standard pushed Rep. Pelosi to explain. Responding to the topic that she raised, McCormack asked the former Speaker about the “moral difference” between late-term abortions and the gruesome newborn killings of Kermit Gosnell. With an air of complete disgust, she fired back, “You’re probably enjoying that question a lot, I can see you savoring it. Let me just tell you this,” she said, seething, “What was done in Philadelphia was reprehensible and everybody condemned it. For them to decide to disrespect a judgment a woman makes about her reproductive health is reprehensible. Next question.”

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