Rush: We’ve Got to Have Amnesty Because Abortion Has Wiped Out 52 Million Americans

PregnancyThe US government needs money. We are hopelessly in debt. The tax increases that are coming are already over the top. Washington knows, much of official Washington knows that they’ve gone beyond the point here, taxation, because the impact on economic growth and productivity and creativity has now been stifled. I mean, the tax rates are such that real creation of wealth, real opportunity for prosperity is diminishing left and right.

They’ve got to come up with money. And they know this: If you use the popularly accepted figure of 1.3 million abortions a year, go back to Roe vs. Wade 1973, 52 million taxpayers haven’t been born, is the way Washington looks at it. They don’t look at it morally. They don’t look at it in any kind of cultural way or any kind of cultural impact. They just say we’re 52 million people short. We have 52 million fewer people paying taxes. We gotta replace ’em. Hello amnesty..

So one of the reasons for amnesty is to replace the 52 million people aborted. I just want to tell you something. I really think that abortion is at the root — you could do a flowchart — I think abortion is at the root of so much that has and is going wrong in this country. I think that the number of abortions themselves, but what in toto it all means, culturally, in terms of the sanctity of life, how that’s crumbled, I think it’s almost at the root of everything. And if it’s not at the root of everything, it’s clearly had a profound impact on our culture, our society, and our politics, I think in ways that people don’t even stop to consider.

…It’s had impact on crime. It’s had a profound impact on our politics. It is at the root of our cultural rot and decay.

…We need 52 million people that we don’t have. We need the taxes of 52 million people that don’t exist. They were conceived. They were going to be born, but something happened, and they’re not here, but we need ’em. Our birthrate is not at replacement levels. That’s what he means by this fertility business. It’s not a matter of fertility. It’s a matter of abortion.

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