Ted Cruz Tells National Right to Life Convention: Democrats Don’t Care About Infanticide (+video)

ted cruz immigrationDuring a speech at the National Right to Life convention on Friday, pro-life Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Democrats in the Senate don’t really care that abortionists like Kermit Gosnell kill babies in what is essentially infanticide.

Cruz opened by thanking pro-life advocates for their efforts.

“Thank you for that commitment to those who are most vulnerable among us, despite the ridicule of the mainstream media,” he said.

Cruz recalled the story of when his older daughter was getting ready for her unborn younger sister to be be born. And he remembered how his daughter offered his unborn child her blanket to cuddle with and chew on for security.

“It is amazing that, as a two-year-old, child, Caroline was able to understand something that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid don’t understand.” Read more from this story HERE.

Here’s Obama’s record on infanticide:


Abortionist Killed Baby Born Alive After Abortion, Hid Evidence Cremating Body

Some time ago, Live Action published a series on babies born alive after abortions. The series highlighted cases where children were born after abortions and not allowed to survive. One article discussed the accusations made by a former clinic worker against Dr. Tommy Tucker, who has since lost his license after being implicated in the death of a woman at his clinic. Many people in the pro-life movement are aware of the allegations against abortionist Douglas Karpen. Three abortion clinic workers released a video in which they testified that the abortionist has killed many babies who were born alive.

Less widely known are the allegations of infanticide brought against Dr. Shelley Sella, who was employed by the late term abortionist Dr. George Tiller. (Dr. George Tiller’s death at the hands of an anti-abortion extremist was a perversion of what the pro-life cause stands for. Taking the life of a human being for a cause is never justified, and all the major pro-life organizations have spoken out against the killing.)

Women came from all over the country to kill their third trimester babies at Dr. Tiller’s clinic. Some of the children were handicapped, many with down syndrome or other manageable conditions. Others were perfectly healthy. Former clinic worker Luhra Tivis, who left her job at the clinic and became pro-life, testified that the majority of babies killed by Dr. Tiller and his cohorts were healthy.

Dr. Tiller and the other abortionists who worked at Women’s Healthcare Services were under no illusions. They knew that that babies were dying in their clinic. The clinic website said the following to parents who came to abort their handicapped children:

“If you wish to see the baby, we call this an identification and separation encounter. After we deliver and after the twilight anesthesia has worn off so that you will remember the process we will bring the baby to you either at the bedside, or we will go to our quiet room and we will bring the baby to you there. During this encounter we will describe to you what’s right with your baby we will identify what’s wrong with your baby you may hold the baby, we will take pictures of you and the family holding the baby if you wish and that is not an uncommon request.… The identification and separation encounter may involve two or three hours of bonding with the baby. The idea the identification that this is your baby and you have had a delivery. We understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that the difficult part of this process is not premature delivery of a stillborn…. The difficult part of the process is saying goodbye to the relationship you have with your baby, saying goodbye to the hopes and dreams you had… You have placed this baby in your life someplace and you simply have to start the process of saying goodbye.”

Read more from this story HERE.