Liz Cheney Sees Herself in Winston Churchill

Photo Credit: Reuters

Photo Credit: Reuters

Liz Cheney compared herself to “Winston Churchill standing up to [Adolf] Hitler” on Tuesday night when declaring her opposition to American airstrikes in Syria — the latest in a series of Liz-Cheney-thinking-rather-highly-of-Liz-Cheney moments. She was speaking to about 150 Tea Party members when she rejected President Obama’s call to strike Syria, calling his national security policy “amateurish.” It seems Obama is Hitler in this scenario. We might note that more often, Obama has been compared to another British politician, Neville Chamberlain, who appeased Hitler.

However, you might not want to trust these reports, as they come from a newspaper that Cheney thinks deserves to die. She railed against the Jackson Hole News & Guide during her talk: “We have media outlets in the valley that are not fair and balanced.” Per a reporter at the Guide who was in the audience:

She blamed the newspaper’s editor. “His name is Angus,” Cheney said. Editor Angus Thuermer Jr. wrote an article last week about Cheney posting a $220 bond for the “high misdemeanor” of swearing a false oath to obtain a Wyoming resident fishing license.

In addition to her foreign policy instincts, Cheney puts a lot of faith in her news instincts. She suggested that voters would be better off to turn to her own campaign as a trusted source in news, and not the local paper. Cheney urged members of the crowd to tell 10 friends about her campaign rather than read the newspaper. “Newspapers are dying, and that’s not a bad thing,” she said. “We’re not depending on the Jackson Hole News & Guide to get the news out. We’re depending on ourselves. We’re going to go over their heads.”

It seems Cheney was aware that a Guide reporter was in the audience, but she wasn’t bothered.

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