Rush Limbaugh Explodes While Outlining the GOP’s ‘All-Out Assault on Ted Cruz’ (+audio)

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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh claims there is an “all-out assault” on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and others like him — within the Republican Party. He said the GOP establishment is currently carrying out a plan to “deal with” Cruz and others in their bid to “take over the Republican Party.”

He cited David Brooks, a “supposed conservative columnist for the New York Times,” who has reportedly warned that Cruz and other lawmakers like him “threaten the traditional Republican Party.”

“Brooks insists that Ted Cruz’s motives are less about legislation and policy and more about the politics of undermining the Republican establishment,” Limbaugh added. “And Brooks considers himself to be a ranking member of the Republican establishment.”

Limbaugh then played an audio clip of Brooks attacking Cruz on PBS’ “Newshour.”

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