Rush Limbaugh Mocks NPR for Blaming Stephen Colbert’s Racist Tweet on HIM

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh taunted a National Public Radio host for defending liberal comedian Stephen Colbert’s racist tweet, accusing NPR of “circling the wagons” for Colbert by excusing the tweet as a parody of Limbaugh and other “ethnically stupid” conservatives.

Last week, Colbert courted controversy for a tweet sent out on his show’s official Twitter account, which many viewed as racist towards Asian-Americans:


The comedian distanced himself last week, blaming the Comedy Central staff of The Colbert Report (even though he said that exact line on his show). But a #CancelColbert hashtag quickly cropped up, forcing Colbert and the network into damage control mode.

“There was apparently this negative reaction the likes of which liberals are not used to,” Limbaugh described. “Apparently there was a huge blowback on this, and it caught them off guard, because they’re really not used to this kind of reaction of them being racist or sexist or bigoted or homophobic or what have you.”

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