Alleged Epstein Sex Slave: I Did Not Have Sex with Bill Clinton

Photo Credit: APShe did not have sexual relations with that man, President Clinton — but billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged “sex slave” is now swearing under oath and in excruciating detail about underaged sexual trysts with Prince Andrew and others.

In papers filed Wednesday in Florida federal court, “Jane Doe No. 3,” Virginia Roberts, detailed an 11-person orgy in 2001 with the British prince, who’s been dubbed “Randy Andy” . . .

Roberts, now 31, also doubled down on her claims that she had sex with renowned lawyer Alan Dershowitz, swearing in court papers that she had sex with him six times – and that he once stood casually chatting with Epstein as she was performing oral sex on the freaky financier.

Meanwhile, Epstein’s girlfriend, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, had “forceful” sex with underaged girls — including Roberts — almost daily, the explosive filing says.

One person Roberts said she didn’t have sex with while working for Epstein between 1999 and 2002 was his then-pal, Bill Clinton. (Read more about Virginia Roberts saying she didn’t have sex with Bill Clinton HERE)

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