Religious Freedom Violated When a Teacher Bans Student from Using Bible

By Billy Hallowell. Parents are accusing a teacher of violating their child’s First Amendment rights by allegedly refusing to allow him to read his Bible in school.

They claim that their son, Loyal Grandstaff, a middle school student at Bueker Middle School in Marshall, Missouri, was told by his teacher that he couldn’t read the book after he brought the Bible in and silently studied it during free time.

“I feel like it violated his freedom of religion but also his freedom of speech,” Justin Grandstaff, the 12 year old’s father said.

Loyal said that he wasn’t being loud and that he wasn’t sharing the book with his peers at the time.

“I like to read my Bible because it’s a good book,” the 7th grader told the outlet. “I was just reading, just reading because I had free time. A time to do what I wanted to, so I just broke it out and read.” (Read more about “Religious Freedom Violated” HERE)


EEOC Says School is Wrong for Firing Teacher Who Gave Student Bible

By Todd Starnes. A New Jersey school district violated the law when it fired a teacher who handed a Bible to a student, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled on December 15, 2014. The ruling was made public Tuesday.

The EEOC determined there was reasonable cause to believe the Phillipsburg School District discriminated against Walt Tutka, a substitute teacher. The EEOC also said religion and retaliation played a factor in Tutka’s firing.

“This is a great indication the EEOC is taking religious liberty seriously and they are going to enforce the law — and in this case make sure Walt’s rights are protected,” Liberty Institute attorney Hiram Sasser told me.

“This sends a message to school districts that their natural allergic reaction to religion is misplaced, and not only is it wrong — but it’s also an egregious violation of the law,” Sasser said. (Read more from this story HERE)

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