Watch: Pastor’s Explosive Speech About Gay Marriage During Birmingham Council Meeting

Headlines and newscasts around the nation reported Alabama’s first legal same sex marriages as historic, but one Birmingham pastor this afternoon illustrated another view with his scathing public criticism.

Cedric Hatcher, an outspoken street evangelist and regular at Birmingham City Hall, took to the lectern during the public comment portion of today’s meeting to express his disapproval of the marriages that took place just across Linn Park and around the state Monday.

“To me yesterday was one of the most bizarre scenes I’ve ever seen in the city,” Hatcher said. “It was one of the most comedic scenes I’ve ever seen in public when I witnessed men with size 13 and 14 shoes out there kissing each other in the mouth in front of little kids. It was like a freak scene going on, that’s what I call it.”

Like his previous statements on social issues, Hatcher didn’t soften his approach when criticizing the legalization of same-sex marriage. He delivered an abrasive critique instead.

Hatcher cited several Bible passages and decried the presence of children in ceremonies he believed were abominable. (Read more from the speech about gay marriage HERE)

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