12-Year-Old Owns Al Sharpton: ‘You’re a Waste of Human Flesh’ [+video]

12-year-old-owns-al-sharpton-youCJ Pearson, a young black conservative making a name for himself online, has a message for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the nation’s other professional race baiters: “If you really care about black people, you would empower black people.”

“You’re only in this business to make money, to achieve fame,” the young man says. “But we don’t want you, Al. We don’t want you, Jesse Jackson. We don’t want any of you because you’re not for us, and you’re not right.”

Pearson goes on to chide Sharpton, Jackson, et al. for characterizing tragedies such as the murder of Walter Scott as racially motivated when the events should be universally recognized as miscarriages of justice.

Watch the full monologue:

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