‘Role Players’ Solicited for Military’s Emergency-Prep Drill in Texas

Emergency Prep“Role Player’s (sic) Needed,” is the title of the ad, posted five days ago on the local Craigslist for Austin.

The ad is soliciting online applicants for a total of 60 paid “role players” to participate in a four day U.S. National Guard Training Exercise for Emergency Preparedness slated to begin April 22 in Govalle.

Only ten “role players” are needed for the final day of the drill. The pay is $10.10 per hour.

The ad explains, “Role players will simulate as ‘victims’ who are then ‘rescued’ as part of their training” . . .

The ad was placed by IIF Data Solutions, a private firm that specializes in domestic operations training and exercise development, logistics and facilities operations and role player support services, among other services. (Read more from “‘Role Players’ Solicited for Emergency-Prep Drill” HERE)

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