Mystery of Earth’s ‘Hum’ Heard by Millions SOLVED by Researchers

Earth-571110It is the unexplained buzzing noise that has fed suspicions of an alien invasion or UFO activity in the skies.

But the mystery of a bizarre drone that has plagued millions of people around the world could finally be solved, scientists believe.

‘The Hum’ – as it is known – can be heard by some more than others and has been blamed for pushing people to the brink of madness with sleepless nights and a constant ringing in the ears.

Some thought it was the fault of gas pipes or power lines, but experts now believe the elusive buzzing is down to “ocean waves”.

Researchers say currents in the sea cause the Earth to vibrate subtly as they shift across its surface, creating “microseismic” activity that elicits a “ring”. (Read more from “Mystery of Earth’s ‘Hum’ Heard by Millions SOLVED by Researchers” HERE)

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