‘Ecosexual’ Professor Wants You to Have Sex With Earth

. . .You can sensually roll in the mud, make passionate love to a hulking tree or even pursue a long-term romantic relationship with the ocean.

It’s all part of an eco-sex trend exploding on Google searches in the last year, thanks in part to art professor Elizabeth Stephens, who teaches at the University of California at Santa Cruz. The movement involves a combination of art, sex and environmentalism.

Stephens, who is also chairwoman of the art department at the California state-funded university, has been filmed in documentaries, or eco-sex flicks, doing “the nasty” with nature.

And, somehow, doing the deed with Earth is supposed to save the environment from human destruction.

This “tree-hugging” professor isn’t merely hugging trees. In the 2013 film “Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story,” she and her female partner massage river rocks, lick trees, frolic naked in a stream and slather mud on one another. Stephens is now working on “Water Makes Us Wet: An Ecosexual Adventure.” According to The College Fix, “Water Makes Us Wet” is set to debut in Germany this week. (Read more from “‘Ecosexual’ Professor Wants You to Have Sex With Earth” please click HERE)

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