Christian Crawford Talks Graduation Prayer [+video]

On Thursday night at the Clay-Chalkville High School graduation ceremony, roughly 300 young men and women were given the key to adulthood.

Christian Crawford didn’t need that key. The departing senior kicked the door down and stepped into the role of a man before the commencement celebration was even over.

As the seniors settled in and the graduation began, a member of the Cougar Stadium crowd experienced a medical emergency, and that’s when the school’s librarian, Shannon Petty, looked to Crawford for an answer.

With the poise and confidence of a seasoned leader, Crawford took to the microphone and did something many Americans do on a daily basis, but it was extraordinary. He paused for a moment, looked beyond the beaming stadium lights and delivered a prayer that won’t soon be forgotten.

“It only takes one person,” said Crawford. “One person stands up and says ‘okay, I’m going to stand for the word of God, regardless of what people say.’ It’s important that we stand on the word of God.” (Read more from “Christian Crawford Talks Graduation Prayer” HERE)

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