9 Bigger Threats Than the Confederate Flag [+video]

It says something about the ethos of a ruling class oligarchy and fringe media that a tragedy can be exploited for a political agenda. It speaks volumes that this same ruling class can mobilize for an inquisition against all memories of Confederate generals who have been dead for over 100 years but are completely indifferent to a number of existential threats facing our nation today.

Here are 9 threats that are more current and consequential than the dead confederacy, yet the media has barely covered these issues and the political class has no intent to address them.

1. Obama Releasing Terrorists: One after another, Obama is releasing the most dangerous Al Qaeda terrorists to other countries. The rate of recidivism of these terrorists returning to the battle field is exceedingly high and their release will irrevocably diminish our intelligence capabilities.

2. Obama Negotiating with Terrorists: Earlier this week, Obama announced that he is essentially codifying the Bowe Bergdahl policy of negotiating with terrorists. He will allow families to pay ransom for release of family members held in captivity by terror groups. This policy will permanently endanger all Americans abroad by incentivizing terrorists to kidnap more Americans with the confidence that their actions will further their agenda and help fund their terror operations.

3. China’s One-sided War Against America – China is continuing to build islands in the international waters of the South China Sea without any response from this president. To make matters worse, the administration has taken no action against China for waging a cyber war and accessing records of nearly all federal government employees for a year. In fact, they have covered up the security breach for months.

4. Obama’s Iran Love-Fest: Obama’s alliance with Iran becomes more outrageous by the day. He has all but guaranteed them relief of all sanctions plus a $50 billion signing bonus to continue every aspect of their nuclear program, ballistic missile expansion, proliferation of terrorism, and regional hegemony. He is doing immutable damage by siding with them in every geo-political conflict, even as it relates to allies like Israel and the Kurds. The latest insanity, according to AP, is that the P5+1 nations will actually give Iran “high-tech reactors and other state-of-the-art equipment,” as part of the deal!

5. U.S. Blood and Arms for Hezbollah: Obama is arming, protecting, and offering air cover for Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iraq, the very terrorists responsible for the deaths of over 1,000 American soldiers. Obama has sent 3,500 soldiers back into Iraq with no mission other than to share a base with Hezbollah and bail Iranian-backed Shiite militias out of their fight with IS.
With the amount of influence the Muslim Brotherhood wields over this president, and his efforts to empower them both at home and in the Middle East, Congress has an immediate responsibility to designate them as a terror group.

6. Muslim Brotherhood: Dead confederate generals cannot hurt us but live Islamic terrorists most certainly can. As Mark Levin pointed out earlier this week, while the Left is contriving an emergency controversy over the Confederate flag, Obama met with two anti-Israel figures associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. With the amount of influence the Muslim Brotherhood wields over this president, and his efforts to empower them both at home and in the Middle East, Congress has an immediate responsibility to designate them as a terror group. Where are the cries of outrage while this man offends America as a whole by coddling terrorists who hate America now as opposed to controversial symbols from 150 years ago?

7. Homegrown Terror: With the rapid rise of Muslim immigration and the proliferation of radical Mosques in America funded by the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi or Turkish governments, the threat of Islamic terror to America is most manifest now in homegrown terror. Every week more Muslims are arrested for attempting to fight for the Islamic State, and the FBI is monitoring cases in all 50 states. According to a new poll commissioned by the Center for Security Policy, 51% of Muslims in America believe “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to sharia.” Twenty-nine percent agree that violence against those who insult Mohammad is acceptable and 25% agree that violence against America can be justified as part of Global Jihad. Among males under the age of 45 that number rises to 36%. Twenty-nine percent of males under 45 believe that violence against America is justified in order to make Sharia the law of the land. With an estimated 3 million Muslims in this country (projected to triple by 2050), that could mean there are hundreds of thousands of radicalized ones.

Yet, appallingly, the liberal media is out with a meme that “white Americans” are the biggest terror threat. No wonder they want to focus on a defunct flag instead of the ubiquitous Islamic threat at hand.

8. Obama’s Embrace of Cuba: Right at the time when the Castro regime was deteriorating, resulting from the collapse of their Venezuela ally, Obama is tossing them a lifeline and lifting sanctions. At the same time, Cuba has reciprocated the favor by refusing to repatriate their criminal aliens from our country. Some of them, as reported by the Boston Globe, are the worst of the worst violent criminals. Yet, Obama has taken no action to cut off visas from Cuba, as mandated by law.

9. 170,000 Criminal Aliens in Our Communities: There is perhaps no greater or more imminent threat to this country than the tens of thousands of criminal aliens that are being released into our communities every year. Congress continues to sit idly by as this president bans law enforcement officers from detaining and deporting even some of the most violent criminals who should never be in this country to begin with.

Oh yes, but…the Confederate Flag!!!

There is a national emergency to address every one of these issues right now, yet there is a hysterical focus on uprooting the memory of the Civil War from every memorial in this country. Perhaps this juxtaposition more than any other observation best describes the decedent state of affairs among the political elite.

It should be noted that House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), or RNC Chairman Reince Priebus have not released a press release on any one of these national emergencies Evidently, shameless identity politics pandering trumps national security. (“9 Bigger Threats Than the Confederate Flag”, originally posted HERE)

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