After Banning Confederate Flags, Amazon Decided to Sell This Shocking Item

635707604186072305-confederate-flag-stockA nationwide law enforcement coalition joined numerous social media activists this week in denouncing Amazon’s policy of selling anti-police merchandise. After stripping its virtual shelves of all items bearing Confederate markings following a fatal shooting in South Carolina, Amazon has come under fire for not similarly restricting access to products that promote hate or violence against cops.

The item that apparently sparked much of the backlash was a black T-shirt bearing the unedited phrase “F–k the Police” and simulated blood splatter.

“Social media has become a major source of propaganda for the anti-law enforcement movement,” wrote Michael Bouchard, president emeritus of the Major County Sheriff’s Association.


After criticizing Facebook for allowing groups with anti-police messages, he lamented the fact that Amazon sells items “depicting the assassination of law enforcement officials” even as police deaths are occurring at a rate of roughly 10 per month.


“The MCSA calls upon Facebook and Amazon to support the men and women who risk their lives everyday [sic] for the safety of their communities,” he concluded. (Read more from “After Banning Confederate Flags, Amazon Decided to Sell This Shocking Item” HERE)

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