Cat Survives 2-Month Move to Fairbanks, Alaska Inside Mattress [+video]

Moosie is finally among his fellow moose in Alaska after spending two months traveling in a mattress.

In April, the 2-year-old tabby’s owners, Kymberly and Jesse Chelf, were packing up to move from El Paso, Texas, to Jesse’s new army assignment in Fairbanks, Alaska, when Moosie disappeared, reports the Associated Press.

“We just assumed he had run away, which was very unlike Moosie,” Kymberly Chelf said. “He’s just a very loyal, loving cat.”

The feline was still MIA when the movers arrived to begin the long 3,700-mile journey to the last frontier, so the Chelfs stayed behind three extra days searching for their beloved pet. Alas, their search turned up nothing . . .

It took 64 days for all of the belongings, cat-carrying futon included, to arrive in Fairbanks. As soon as the mattress was unwrapped and taken into the house, Moosie made his presence known, letting out his mightiest meow. (Read more from “Cat Survives 2-Month Move to Alaska Inside Mattress” HERE)

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