Poll: 62% of GOP Feels Betrayed by Party; Democrats Disgusted with 2016 Front-Runners

Screenshot-2015-03-18-22.15.00By Dana Blanton. Nearly four-in-ten American voters are proud to have Barack Obama as president.

Fewer voters feel the same way about the top 2016 presidential contenders.

A new Fox News poll finds that 36 percent of voters are extremely (20 percent) or very proud (16 percent) to have Obama as president. Forty-one percent felt that way in 2011 . . .

That’s markedly higher than the 28 percent who would feel proud if Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton were president (including 15 percent who say extremely proud).

Only one in five (20 percent) would be proud of a President Bernie Sanders or a President Donald Trump. (Read more from “Poll: Proud to Have 2016 Front-Runners as President? Not Really” HERE)

Almost Two-Thirds of Republican Primary Voters Feel Betrayed by Party

By Dana Blanton. Most Republicans feel betrayed by their party — and show their displeasure by supporting outsiders over establishment candidates in the GOP presidential race. . .

Trump stays on top with 26 percent among GOP primary voters, followed by Carson at 18 percent. Fiorina and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio are next, tied at 9 percent. All four have gained ground. After the August Fox News debate, Trump had 25 percent, while Carson had 12 percent, Fiorina 5 percent and Rubio 4 percent.

Trump holds his leader status even though he was once again rated in the poll as having done the worst job in the debate. Fiorina, Rubio and Carson receive positive marks for their performances.

The appeal of outsiders comes from significant dissatisfaction with the party establishment: 62 percent of Republican primary voters feel “betrayed” by politicians in their party, and another 66 percent say the recent Republican majorities in Washington have failed to do all they could to block or reverse President Obama’s agenda. For comparison, 40 percent of Democratic primary voters feel betrayed by their party.

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