Trump Just Took His Fight With Ben Carson to a Whole New Level With These Words

donald-trump-angry1-1024x575Donald Trump has largely benefited from the dust-ups he has had with fellow Republican presidential candidates thus far in his unconventional campaign. White House contenders including Jeb Bush and Rick Perry have seen their favorability ratings drop after exchanging blows with the billionaire front-runner.

Two of Trump’s closest challengers, however, have been reticent to engage Trump in a war of words. Both Ben Carson and Ted Cruz have been willing to compliment Trump’s campaign, though the former recently earned the real estate mogul’s ire by questioning his faith.

Earlier this week, Carson told a crowd that he doesn’t “in any way deny” his Christian faith, describing the “humility and fear of the Lord” with which he lives his life. Such qualities, however, were difficult for Carson to ascribe to Trump . . .

Trump shot back Thursday on ABC’s The View.

“He talked about my faith,” the candidate said. “He doesn’t know me.”

He noted that he hardly knows Carson, adding that the retired neurosurgeon’s public expressions of faith seem to be a recent development. (Read more from “Trump Just Took His Fight With Ben Carson to a Whole New Level With These Words” HERE)

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