U.N. Taking Drastic Measures After North Korea Claims to Test Hydrogen Bomb

By Greg Botelho and Euan McKirdy. The U.N. Security Council is set to implement “significant” punitive measures after North Korea’s nuclear test Wednesday and will begin working on a new resolution “immediately,” a statement released by Security Council President Elbio Rosselli says.

After Wednesday’s meeting, the council, which includes China, Russia and the United States, together condemned the test as a “clear violation of (past) resolutions … and of the nonproliferation regime.”

Along with “strongly condemning” the test, members of the council determined to create a resolution that acts on previous promises to further curb the reclusive state’s ability to further its nuclear weapons program.

The 15-member U.N. Security Council held a closed-door meeting Wednesday geared to preventing Pyongyang from getting more nuclear weapons and punishing it for the test earlier that day.

Past U.N. measures included arms, nonproliferation and luxury good embargoes, a freeze on overseas financial assets and a travel ban. None of them have so far stopped North Korea from continuing its nuclear program. (Read more from “U.N. Taking Drastic Measures After North Korea Claims to Test Hydrogen Bomb” HERE)


North Korea: We Tested an ‘H-Bomb’

By Gordon G. Chang. Chilling announcement raises huge concerns over nuclear proliferation and proves that Kim Jong Un doesn’t care what Obama and the rest of the world think about his militant regime.

North Korea today claimed it has joined the world’s first rank of nuclear nations by successfully conducting a hydrogen bomb test at 10 a.m. Pyongyang time.

If the claim is true, the Kim Jong Un regime has made far more progress in developing nuclear weapons than believed. Even if the boast is false, the detonation is a dangerous signal.

The test, which triggered international earthquake detection systems, will plunge the region into a diplomatic crisis and intensifies concerns about nuclear proliferation to Iran. (Read more from “North Korea: We Tested an ‘H-Bomb'” HERE)

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