Watch: NY Yankees President Has One Guarantee If Trump Is Denied GOP Nomination

As president of one of the most recognized sports franchises in the world, Randy Levine is used to judging success by what is reflected on the scoreboard.

In that respect, Levine says it’s quite clear that Donald Trump is going to be comfortably ahead in votes and delegates by the time the Republican National Convention is held in July . . .

“Donald Trump by far has the most votes, by far has won the most states — I think he’s won 26 states and some territories. And he by far has the most delegates,” Levine said in an interview with NewsMax TV.

“Yet there are some people in the party, people who I know, good people, who think that he shouldn’t get the nomination,” he continued. “[They think] for some reason you go to a convention and … the delegates … can somehow forget all the people who went to the polls and voted in good faith in order to show their preference. … That’s not the way it should be. It should be won in sports on the field and it should be won at the ballot box.”

And if, by chance, those who oppose Trump within the GOP are successful in taking the nomination away from Trump at the convention, he has a very blunt prediction.

“I think if that happens it would really be the end of the Republican Party,” Levine said. “I think you would have so many disenfranchised and disaffected voters out there that it would just be very, very hard to put it all back together.” (Read more from “NY Yankees President Has One Guarantee If Trump Is Denied GOP Nomination” HERE)

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