NY Times Admits: Cruz Displays ‘Careful Study and Manifest Intellectual Firepower’

16484246630_08f780c042_bThe New York Times, grudgingly acknowledging that Ted Cruz’s “brand of conservatism is the product of decades of careful study and manifest intellectual firepower,” stated what every true conservative knows: Cruz is not only more conservative than Ronald Reagan; he would be the most conservative in more than 50 years, even more conservative than Barry Goldwater.

The Times notes that Cruz is farther to the right on immigration than Reagan; staunchly pro-life, to the point of protecting the unborn in cases of rape and incest, anti-same-sex marriage, having called for a federal amendment permitting states to avoid performing or recognizing those marriages, a return-to the- gold-standard champion, and a man who wants to abolish the IRS.

The Times notes Cruz’s prescience, pointing out that Cruz “anticipated the rightward tilt of the Republican Party of today, grasping its conservatism even as colleagues dismissed him as a fringe figure.”

Ramesh Ponnuru of National Review, who studied at Princeton University with Cruz, praised Cruz thus: “Nobody has been more assiduous than Cruz at staying on the same page as the conservative base of the Republican Party. That said, it was also the man meeting the moment. He was always a constitutionalist conservative, and then constitutionalism became cool among conservatives.” (Read more from “NY Times Admits: Cruz Displays ‘Careful Study and Manifest Intellectual Firepower'” HERE)

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