Tax Lovin’ Bernie Loves Him Some Tax Deductions … For Himself

24035792350_bc5de6af26_bYet another example of astonishing liberal/socialist/progressive hypocrisy.

Bernie Sanders, outspoken class warrior who once stated that tax rates as high as 90% weren’t too high, only pays a 13.5% tax rate on over $200,000 in household income. This guy is a total fraud and so are his socialist acolytes. Let me ask Bernie’s supporters the following questions, the answers to which will provide all the evidence you need to conclusively prove liberal hypocrisy.

Does Bernie Sanders believe that higher tax rates and revenues are a force for good?


Does Bernie Sanders believe that successful Americans should both pay a higher tax rate and pay more of their revenue?


Is Bernie Sanders wealthy relative to the average American?


Does Bernie Sanders practice this in his own life?

No, he doesn’t.

I am sincerely perplexed that reasonable people, aligning themselves with liberal values, have a difficult time processing why this is hypocritical. If, as Bernie Sanders is suggesting, taxes are a force for public good then why use the tax code to take over $60,000 in tax deductions to avoid a higher tax bill? Aren’t you avoiding doing “a good thing” if you believe that the taxes you pay will result in “good things” and you then avoid paying them by taking advantage of deductions? (Note: I’m am not suggesting that Bernie Sanders has done anything illegal, or even unethical, by not paying a higher tax rate voluntarily. To the contrary, I applaud him for understanding that his money will be put to its best use by staying in his family’s budget and not the government’s).

For example, many people voluntarily donate significant portions of their hard-earned income to charity not because the government ordered them to, but because they believe they are doing a “good thing” by helping someone, or some organization, out. To be clear, this isn’t an issue for conservatives, so if you’re a liberal and thinking to yourself, “Well, conservatives don’t pay more taxes voluntarily either,” then you would be correct. We don’t pay more because the money is going down a red-ink rat-hole of broken government programs and endless spending and we refuse to waste any more of our money. So, liberals, stop thinking that to avoid further embarrassment. But, if you’re a liberal or socialist, start thinking about why YOU aren’t paying the maximum rate at all times. Don’t you think that you should show us all how sincerely you believe in the power of higher taxes by paying the maximum rate? If not, then why not? Do you feel that your money will be wasted if you pay more? If so, then welcome to the conservative movement.

You may be asking yourself, “Why concern yourself with a presidential candidate who is on the verge of being eliminated from contention?” This is a fair question, and I’ve argued repeatedly in my podcast that this has little to do with Bernie Sanders and a lot to do with the dangerous, deadly ideology he is selling. We CANNOT afford to lose another generation of our kids to the false promises of socialism. We lost a large swath of the last generation to these fraudulent ideas and now we are paying the price through the elections and campaigns of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. (For more from the author of “Tax Lovin’ Bernie Loves Him Some Tax Deductions … For Himself” please click HERE)

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