Orlando Jihadist Worked for World’s Largest Security Firm, Interviewed Repeatedly by FBI

Federal officials are now admitting Orlando Terrorist Attacker Omar Mateen was a known entity to them and was previously interviewed in connection to ISIS suicide bomber Moner Abu Salha.

In a press conference, an FBI spokesman says the agency first interviewed Omar Mateen in 2013 after he made “inflammatory remarks” to a colleague. The investigation was closed.

The FBI interviewed Mateen again in 2014 about a potential connection with suicide bomber Moner Abu Salha. The FBI investigation found no “substantial relationship” between Mateen and Salah. (link)

♦ Omar Mateen worked for a security firm under contract to the Department of Homeland Security called G4S. Mateen was licensed as a security guard and also holds a firearms license. G4S, a global security firm with an office in Jupiter. The same company is used by DHS to move illegal aliens around the country.

“We are shocked and saddened by the tragic event that occurred at the Orlando nightclub. We can confirm that Omar Mateen had been employed with G4S since September 10, 2007. We are cooperating fully with all law enforcement authorities, including the FBI, as they conduct their investigation. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the friends, families and people affected by this unspeakable tragedy.” (link)

♦ Mateen purchased multiple guns in the past few days, the FBI spokesman said. When asked why Mateen was able to purchase a gun given the fact he was on the FBI radar for terror links, the spokesman answer he was able to do so because the investigations were closed.

♦ According to the Washington Post the former wife of Mateen says he was not stable and was violent with her. “He was not a stable person,” said the ex-wife, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because she feared for her safety. She said they married in 2009 but divorced after only a few months. She says he was not particularly religious at the time. (link)

♦ FBI and local police are wrapping the search of the home of Mateen’s family in Port St. Lucie. They removed several boxes, along with a computer from the home at 937 SW Bayshore Boulevard. They also searched the three cars in the driveway.

♦ Moner Abusalha, the first Ameerican suicide bomber in Syria, posted video of Imam calling for death of homosexuals. In 2015 FBI investigated connection between Abusalha, who lived in Vero Beach, and Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter. Mateen lived about 30 minutes south of Abusalha.

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