What Malia Obama Getting Caught Smoking Weed Tells Us About the Drug War

When celebrity website Radar Online shared a video of Malia Obama allegedly smoking marijuana at Lollapalooza in Chicago last week, the internet came to her defense.

On Twitter, comedian Chris Rock suggested she could one day be an Olympic gold medalist — or even president of the United States. Other users complained about those criticizing Malia by telling them to “let her live!”

But has anyone touched on Malia Obama’s father’s reluctance to embrace personal freedom outside the boundaries of his own household?

This Thursday, the Drug Enforcement Administration issued a response to petitioners asking the government to remove the “Schedule I” classification of marijuana. In a letter, DEA leadership maintained its refusals to give in to proponents of legalization. In an interview, Chuck Rosenberg, the acting administrator of the DEA, said the decision is due to the fact that “science doesn’t support” the notion marijuana may be used for medical ends — a narrative that has previously been debunked by several studies . . .

Despite Malia’s apparent acceptance of the substance — and the Internet’s apparent resistance to finding anything contradictory about her father’s positions on drug policy — President Obama had, by early 2013, been harsher on marijuana users than former President George W. Bush, Reason observed. “In other words,” Jacob Sullum wrote, “Obama is averaging 36 medical marijuana prosecutions a year, compared to 20 a year under his predecessor.” Even the Huffington Post has reported that when it comes to pot, Obama has a highly hypocritical stance, ignoring his own history and promises. (Read more from “What Malia Obama Getting Caught Smoking Weed Tells Us About the Drug War” HERE)

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