Assange: There’s ‘Demon’ at Work in America

WikiLeaks already has assumed a co-equal role in America’s 2016 election to many of those players who consider themselves significant, the network, daily and station editorialists and more.

It has released Democratic Party emails, resulting in the resignation of top party officials. It has publicly promised that those who supply insider information probably will be happy with the results, and it has made no secret of the fact that Americans likely will be getting access to a lot more heretofore “secret” details before the November election.

Now founder Julian Assange is making it clear that he’ll not take anything less than full and accurate representations by the mainstream outlets.

Following an interview he granted to the New York Times, there were a number of headlines based on the interview and resulting story about alleged links to the Russian government, about how he called Hillary Clinton a “demon,” and more . . .

On Twitter, he posted, “What we were drawing attention [to] is the amazing transformation that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are by becoming the national security party and the national security candidate by whipping up a neo-McCarthyist hysteria about Russia. (Read more from “Assange: There’s ‘Demon’ at Work in America” HERE)

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