Limbaugh Has a Message for Republicans Who Abandoned Trump

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh lashed out at Republicans who bowed out of supporting Donald Trump after a tape leaked Friday revealed the GOP presidential nominee saying lewd things about a married woman back in 2005.

“If you want to throw Trump overboard, you know what you ought to do? You ought to just concede the presidency to the Democrats and apologize for ever trying, and hope that they forgive you,” Limbaugh said Monday.

One of the most prominent GOP critics of Trump’s remarks has been House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). On Monday, Ryan declared that he was no longer going to defend his party’s nominee and was instead going to focus on keeping a GOP majority in Congress.

“The speaker is going to spend the next month focused entirely on protecting our congressional majorities,” Ryan spokeswoman AshLee Strong told The New York Times.

Limbaugh’s Facebook followers agreed with his assessment and noted that other people were furious with politicians like Ryan.

“WOW! Speaker Ryan and all the other RINO’s that came out against Donald J. Trump still not going to get behind him,” MinnieMae Pearle wrote. “It doesn’t matter b/c no matter what they dish out against Donald he has won the hearts and minds of Americans, the silent majority! You have to go to their Facebook pages they all are being hammered and the wild news about it is it’s majority are women!”

Limbaugh reminded his audience that he warned a while back things would get ugly when you try to take on the political establishment, saying because they are so entrenched in their own power, they are going to do everything possible to stop someone who could take it away from them.

“I kept telling people over the weekend when people were asking my opinion on it. I said, ‘This is what it looks like when you take on the establishment. This is exactly what it looks like.’ It isn’t going to be pretty. It isn’t going to be clean. It isn’t going to be pristine,” Limbaugh said during his Monday show.

“The establishment, with everything they are invested in the establishment, remaining the establishment and in power, they’re just … not going to sit back and trust this to your votes. They’re not going to trust this to an election, to a campaign,” the radio host said. “Not going to trust it at all. They’re going to do everything they can to destroy whoever it is that wants to take control from them. And in the process, they’re going to destroy that person so as to send a message to the next guy, ‘Don’t even think about it. Don’t even try. Look what we did to Donald Trump.’”

The radio host argued that you’ll never find a person who is untarnished by his or her past, and that people in power will do anything to blow past mistakes way out of proportion.

“You’re not going to get a perfect candidate. You’re not going to get somebody who doesn’t have any smudges or doesn’t have any smears on them. You’re not going to find anybody,” Limbaugh said.

He pointed to the left’s attacks on former President George W. Bush and 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

“If they can turn Mitt Romney into a living, breathing devil, they can do it to anybody,” Limbaugh said. “Mitt Romney is, as I have said countless times before, one of the finest human beings, one of the finest men you will find alive today in terms of character, demeanor, manner, you name it. … If they were able to demonize Mitt Romney, and they demonized George W. Bush, they’ll be able to demonize anybody.

He also said Democrats get away with all kinds of hypocrisy, and that anyone who is perceived as on “outsider” will be considered as somebody unfit, unsuited and ill-tempered for the presidency because such a candidate runs the risk of exposing corruption.

“The purpose of last night — and it’s a failure today — was to take Trump out forever, not just his political campaign. Donald Trump the human being was to be humiliated and destroyed and rendered so humiliated and embarrassed he would never be seen in public again,” Limbaugh said.

The radio host added, “I think a whole lot of people are sick and tired of things like this determining the outcome of elections, these October Surprise kinds of things. It may not have been safe to say this back in the year 2000. It might not have been safe to say it in 2004, but a lot of ground has been covered, and there is so much hypocrisy on the left when you get to the subject matter of that open-mic tape, Access Hollywood, Trump running around there with Billy Bush.”

“The very people who applaud it and celebrated JFK, who had women trooped into the White House in droves,” he said. “Bill Clinton, you go through the list of Democrats and entertainers who have made their names on the basis of infidelity and catting around and being celebrated and protected and lauded and held up as great people. ‘Hey, that’s sex, it’s not their job. Hey, that’s just private life; it doesn’t matter to their leadership.’” (For more from the author of “Limbaugh Has a Message for Republicans Who Abandoned Trump” please click HERE)

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