Murkowski’s Hired Henchman at the Alaska Republican Party Busted for Filing False Police Report

The Miller campaign blasted Murkowski’s paid frontman Tuckerman Babcock for trying to illegally exploit the police for political gain.

The Alaska Republican Party (ARP) and its chairman Tuckerman Babcock took their acts of desperation to a whole new level today, when they filed a false police report against the Joe Miller campaign for mailers sent highlighting Lisa Murkowski’s Wall Street, crony capitalists connections.

At issue were GOP political flyers donated to the Miller campaign by a member of ARP from the 2010 U.S. Senate campaign, in which the GOP hit Murkowski for bailing out her Wall Street friends.


“Clearly Tuckerman Babcock is trying to keep Alaskans from learning about Murkowski’s liberal voting record and the money laundering scheme she and the Party have been perpetrating on the Alaskan people with her campaign funds,” said DeSoto.

“The Alaska Republican Party is in full meltdown mode, and Lisa Murkowski’s campaign is in its death spiral,” he added.

Tuckerman violated Alaska Statute 11.56.80, which provides a person is guilty of filing a false report if he or she knowingly gives false information to the police “with the intent of implicating another in an offense.”

“The Anchorage Police Department would be well within their rights to press charges against Tuckerman Babcock, as he violated AS 11.56.800, when he filed a frivolous and false report,” said DeSoto.

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