Prime Minister: Pro-Life Law ‘a Legacy of Shame’

By The Daily Wire. On the eve of Ireland voting on whether or not to enshrine abortion as a constitutional right, the country’s far-left Prime Minister condemned Ireland’s pro-life record as being “a legacy of shame.”

The abortion activists in Ireland could not possibly have a greater ally than Prime Minister ​Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, who has been pushing a far-left agenda ever since his ascendancy in 2015 that saw the overturn of traditional marriage. Leading up to the vote on overturning the country’s Eighth Amendment, the PM has aggressively pushed the pro-abortion agenda.

“There has been in Ireland a legacy of shame in many ways,” Varadkar said, the Irish Examiner reports. “The fact that 170,000 women have had to travel, sometimes in secret, to another jurisdiction to end their pregnancies.” . . .

These are the same talking points pushed by Irish actor Liam Neeson just a few weeks ago. LifeNews responded by debunking the false picture of Ireland’s handling of women’s health painted by pro-abortion activists:​ . . .

Irish doctors have been some of the most outspoken advocates against abortion, saying the repeal of the Eighth Amendment would do nothing whatsoever to help Irish women.

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Exit Polls Show That Voters in Ireland Might Have Just Legalized Abortion by a Landslide

By The Blaze. Irish citizens voted on Friday over whether or not to lift the ban on abortion in the country, and exit polls are showing that the bid to allow the practice appears to have been quite successful.

In 1983, the eight amendment to the Irish constitution was ratified, which outlawed abortion in the country. Since then, roughly 170,000 Irish women have traveled to other countries to have pregnancies terminated.

A poll conducted by RTE Television showed that almost 70 percent of respondents voted to repeal the abortion ban, and another poll for The Irish Times was similar — showing 68 percent of those surveyed voted for repealing the eight amendment, against 32 percent who said abortions should still be banned in the country.

The results also exposed large divisions between age groups, with voters over 65 mostly voting against repealing the ban on abortions, and 18 to 24-year-olds voting for repeal at roughly 87 percent. (Read more from “Exit Polls Show That Voters in Ireland Might Have Just Legalized Abortion by a Landslide” HERE)

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