Professor Compares National Anthem to Nazi Salute in Viral Tweet

A leftist professor perhaps known best for his comments praising “white genocide” has come out with another doozy: comparing standing for the national anthem to the Nazi salute. . .

On Friday, Ciccariello-Maher shared a Twitter update which featured an old article about a German football club who had been banned for 12 months after failing to give the Nazi salute, and wrote, “*cough* @NFL *cough*.”

According to a Daily KOS article, the original newspaper clipping read:

The Karlsruhe Football Club has been prohibited from playing during 1934 because the team failed to give the Nazi salute when entering the field to play against a French club from Nancy at Metz in December.

The failure of the team to give the salute is alleged to be due to the Frenchmen threatening that they would not play and the Germans would receive no compensation if the salute was given because it was feared that the spectators would riot.

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