Chilling Details Behind Boy’s “Ritualistic” Death at ISIS New Mexico Compound Revealed

By BBC. A boy whose remains were found in a remote desert compound in New Mexico died during a “ritual ceremony”, US prosecutors said. . .

They also said that the remains found at the site belonged to Abdul-Ghani and that the other children said the boy had died during a “religious ritual… intended to cast out demonic spirits”, where Siraj Wahhaj had put his hand to his son’s forehead, and recited verses from the Koran.

Abdul-Ghani suffered from seizures, but Mr Wahhaj believed the boy was possessed by the devil and needed to be exorcised, court papers said.

An FBI agent told the court that after Abdul-Ghani died, the children were told he would return “as Jesus” and tell them where to carry out attacks, an FBI agent told the court.

However, Judge Sarah Backus said that while the information she had heard was “troubling”, prosecutors had not proved that the defendants posed a threat to the wider community. (Read more from “Chilling Details Behind Boy’s Death at New Mexico Compound Revealed” HERE)


New Mexico Compound Littered With Ammunition, Dirty Diapers

By ABC News. Dirty diapers, shotgun shells, small broken bicycles, the white sandal of a baby, anguished journals about faith and a DVD about killing techniques in close combat.

Ordinary and extraordinary household objects littered a squalid compound on a high-desert plain of northern New Mexico, bearing silent witness to the lives of 11 children and five adults — and perhaps one missing boy.

The settlement sprung up on the outskirts of tiny Amalia, New Mexico, last winter — as a manhunt unfolded for the father of a 3-year-old boy abducted from Georgia.

Police raided the property a week ago in response a report of children living in filth, severe hunger and dangers including a leaky propone tank — detaining all living inhabitants. . .

The grandfather of the missing boy, Siraj Wahhaj, is a Muslim cleric who leads a well-known New York City mosque. He believes the body is that of Abdul-ghani. The five adults arrested at the property in Amalia include the imam’s two children and a second adult daughter. (Read more from “New Mexico Compound Littered With Ammunition, Dirty Diapers” HERE)

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