Losers: The Left Just Had Another Kavanaugh Outrage Bomb Explode in Their Face

So, do Democrats really like having bombs explode in their faces because they’re getting worse. The Left’s resistance movement against the Supreme Court nomination of the highly qualified, and soon-to-be associate justice, Brett Kavanaugh has been lackluster. It wasn’t until this weekend that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) planned to execute a blitz in the opening moments of today’s confirmation hearing. Yet, Democrats interrupted the proceedings 63 times to put forward a trash motion to delay the hearing until they can read all these documents…only to circle back and declare what we already know: they’re not supporting his nomination. It’s all an effort to put this nomination fight off until after the midterms, where Democrats think their position on the Hill will be better. But before we even get to all of that, we need to talk about this piece of idiocy that occurred. Apparently, another reason to derail the Kavanaugh nomination is because the woman sitting behind Judge Kavanagh at today’s hearings was supposedly giving a white power sign.

Oh, here we go. You can hear it now. It’s the outrage engine revving up. The woman’s name is Zina Gelman Bash. She’s also pictured with Kavanaugh in the featured photo above. She’s wearing the black dress. She’s supposedly throwing an A-Okay sign, which seen as a white power sign among whacko lefty circles. Just so we’re clear. That’s fake news. The anti-Defamation League said the sign is not one that espouses or promotes white power. Also, she’s a White House lawyer, her mother is Mexican-American, and her grandparents escaped the Nazi death camps. This is what happens when you’re liberal, stupid, and go off half-cocked on social media. You end up getting smashed in the face with the rake you just stepped on. (Read more from “Losers: The Left Just Had Another Kavanaugh Outrage Bomb Explode in Their Face” HERE)

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