Watch: D.C. Cop Schools Lefty Protestor Trying to Expel Conservative From Anti-Kavanaugh Rally

Turning Points USA was at an anti-Brett Kavanaugh rally this week. Its founder and leader Charlie Kirk did what he does best: owning liberals. Kavanaugh is a federal judge nominated to fill the vacancy left by the now-retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. It will give conservatives a solid 5-4 majority. It’s because of this that this nomination has garnered significant liberal opposition, with absurd talking points spewed by the Left. You’d think Kavanagh feeds on dead babies with how they’re painting him. In reality, he’s a solid conservative, mainstream, and a SCOTUS nominee with impeccable legal credentials. He’s eminently qualified to be the next jurist on the high court.

Turning Points did a video of Kirk walking around an anti-Kavanaugh rally, which was a sad display of willful ignorance. Kavanaugh has the votes to be confirmed. He will be confirmed when his nomination is voted out of committee—and the liberal hysteria will start all over again, especially with the GOP’s ace blocking of Obama nominee Merrick Garland. Besides Hillary Clinton losing 2016, the SCOTUS fight is another source of sour grapes for these people.

Kirk tries to talk to as many attendees as possible. Being on Fox News, he’s recognized by some, though he’s also not shy to hide his conservatism. Organizers for the rally warned attendees not to talk with him. One organizer tried to boot him from the area, even calling the Capitol Police. When they arrived, they simply told the woman that her right to free speech doesn’t trump his right; Kirk thanks the officer in the video.

Protesters have disrupted the Kavanaugh hearings with their antics; over 70 were arrested on Tuesday alone. They’re delusional. In the video, one speaker suggests their protests are making Kavanaugh mad. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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