Resistance Torches Devin Nunes’ Family After He Dared to Expose Intel Agencies’ Collusion With Democrats

. . .Another aspect of Tulare lends it additional significance. It is the hometown to California Rep. Devin Nunes, the current chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the author of the “Nunes memo,” a four-page document released in February detailing alleged surveillance abuses committed by the U.S. government.

Before the release of the memo, Nunes had been vocal in his skepticism towards federal agencies and their handling of potential election interference during the 2016 election. His criticisms earned him a litany of nicknames from those opposed to his attacks on federal agencies, such as “Trump’s political stooge” who is simply “doing dirty work” to shield Trump, or simply a “presidential fig-leaf holder.” . . .

In addition to agenda-driven reporting, the localized resistance, comprised of both media figures and political opponents, has gone to strange lengths to badger Nunes’ extended family.

Last month, Gerald Nunes, Devin’s uncle, was accused of “harass[ing]” the video crew of Devin’s Democratic opponent, Andrew Janz, while Janz’s team was shooting a campaign video. The Janz team originally started shooting the video on land Gerald owned, although he had not given the crew permission to do so.

Gerald confronted the crew and asked them to leave his property, and a member of the irrigation district later called the police. The crew then moved to land nearby that Gerald rents. The result of this staged filming fiasco targeting Nunes’ uncle? Janz posted a tweet accusing Devin Nunes of “send[ing] one of his relatives to stop” Janz’s team from filming and referring to Nunes and his relatives as “triggered snowflakes.” (Read more from “Resistance Torches Devin Nunes’ Family After He Dared to Expose Intel Agencies’ Collusion With Democrats” HERE)

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